Admission Management System

Generate more Student Inquiries with a Vibrant and Dynamic Admission Portal

Enhance the Brand Value of an Institution and Display the Technological Advancement and Innovation with TargetX Admission Management System.

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Admission Management System

Admission Management Software

Automate and Manage your entire Admission Process

Maintain high speed, efficiency and connectivity with TargetX Admission Management Software

Admission Management Software

TargetX an Online admission management system enhances the brand value of an institution and displays its technological advancement and innovation. The use of technology is becoming increasingly decisive in improving visibility, generating inquiries, and maximizing the no of applications. An Online admission Management system automates the processes involved in the admission journey. It aims to connect multiple departments of an institution right from the beginning of filling up the form to the payment of admission fees. It ensures that applicants and stakeholders receive all the admission-related information online. The admission and enrollment software transforms the traditional paper-based complex system into an applicant-friendly, efficient, time-saving, accurate, and transparent system at affordable cost with greater speed and wider accessibility.

Enrollment Management Solution

Enrollment Management Software

Engage and Convert Student Leads into Admissions with Enrollment Management Software

The admission and enrollment software in higher educational institutes can provide the automation and intelligence needed for critical enrollment process such as student inquiry management, admissions, etc. Enrollment management software helps an institute to build and strengthen its relationship with the applicant.
Enrollment software can automate the follow-up messages and help you to process student inquiries faster and reduce time consuming procedures. It also enables capturing student inquiries from multiple digital and social media channels and distributing them to respective enrollment officers and admission teams. Information like student profiles and academic documents are available in one place and readily accessible to any staff member of the institute.
It benefits colleges/universities by providing comprehensive channels for effectively and strategically integrating institute operations helping the institution meet its academic goals and optimize the financial resources effectively. Higher educational institutes can track retention profiles and identify potential applicants. Enrollment management software can streamline various services like enrolling in courses, paying tuition fees, communication with the counsellor.
The following are some of the benefits that enrolment software serves:

  • End-to-end admissions management
  • Capture and manage student inquiries
  • Cross-team communication
  • Automated workflows
Enrollment Management Software

Admission Management Solution


Enhance the Overall Experience of Institute Staff and Students

Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management

Enquiries received from the admission system can be sorted based on different categories like processed, qualified, or rejected, and stored for further action. Admission software provides a unified view of all data related to student admission on a single screen. You can get an overview of student data like inquiries, admission forms, enrollments, number of seats left, etc. in a graphical and tabular format to enable quicker and more informed decisions.

Reduced Response Time

Reduced Response Time

Chat-bots and other communication tools like email SMS are provided to reduce the communication gap and keep the applicant on track till further action is taken. Reduced response time builds a better relationship, good impression, and holds the interest of the applicant by making a personal connection.

Customized application forms

Customized Application Forms

The online admission management system enables the institute to create an institute-specific customizable form based on the requirements and be embedded in the college’s website for maximum coverage and online presence. Admission software helps institutes to generate more inquiries and also enhances the institute’s brand name.

Applicant Status Tracking

Applicant Status Tracking

Admission Management system helps applicants to track their applications transparently. It gives updates on a real-time basis on the status of applicants. This would save multiple calls to the college asking for the application status.

Online Payment Facility

Online Payment Facility

Online admission software generate automated invoices, reminders on payments, and receipts which makes the payment process much quicker and easier. It integrates multiple payment gateways which enable applicants to make payments online easily with the payment method of their own choice, from anywhere and at any time.

Admission process workflow

Admission Process Workflow

The online admission system creates a systematic admission workflow for the institute. It allows to establish the entire process and automate wherever necessary. An institute can have 4 stages or 8 stages in the admission process which can be established using an admission and enrollment software 

No Lost Documentation

No Lost Documentation

With the admission and enrollment software in place, every document is managed by digital software. It has a cloud-based storage service that provides a safe and reliable environment to store documents. So, there are no more piles of forms and no manual data entry in the admission process. An admission and enrollment software saves resources and costs for every institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is admission management system?

    An admission Management System is best defined as a web-enabled software designed to manage and automate admission related operations of an educational institute. The aim of an online admission management system is to transform the traditional paper-based complex admission systems into an applicant-friendly, efficient, accurate, time-saving, and transparent system at affordable cost with greater speed and much wider accessibility.

  2. How does admission management system works?

    Common online admission works in a systematic manner as listed below:
    Step-1 Listing
    Step-2 Student Admissions
    Step-3 Shortlisting
    Step-4 Selection
    Step-5 Communication
    Step-6 Confirmation and online payments

  3. What is online admission management system?

    An online admission management system is a cloud-based software suitable for colleges and universities, willing to accept applications electronically and manage them online for the various courses and educational programs offered by them.

  4. What is online enrollment management system?

    An online enrollment management system is designed to manage all the activities involved during the student enrollment process and combines them into a unified system. The main objective of the enrollment system is to help the administration to enroll students effectively and maintain their records.

  5. Why is an online enrollment management system important?

    An online enrollment management system allows students and parents to easily apply for the college and university admission process. It can provide the necessary assistance to the institute’s admissions office, streamlining the process and making the application process easier for both institutes and applicants.