Online Admission System

Manage Admissions Online Effectively for Colleges and Universities

Automate and Computerize the Entire Admission and Enrolment Process with TargetX Online Admission System. A Web-enabled Software designed to Manage the Entire Admission Operations of a College/University.

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Online Admission System

Online Admission Software

Digitize your Admission Process using TargetX

Empower Colleges, Universities and Students by Automating the entire Admission Process and Removing Manual-Work Dependency

Online Admission Software

TargetX automates and computerizes the entire admission and enrolment process and procedures by giving administrators the latest tools to register students, record documents, collect digital signatures and images, assigning courses, track applications, and more. The system empowers the educational institutes to eliminate paper dependency and utilize digital methods to manage admissions. It is applicant friendly, efficient, accurate, time-saving, and transparent system which offers greater speed and wider accessibility. It simplifies the complexities of admission by

  • Students can upload their admission documents
  • Online registration fees payment and collection
  • User-based login access for maximum security
  • Receive, track, and verify digital documents.
  • Identify applicant’s course eligibility and compile merit lists

Advanced and Efficient Admission Management System


Beneficial for Institutes to Perform Better and Increase the Student’s Satisfaction and Admission Rate

Oversee admission procedure

Oversee Admission Procedure

Complete flow of admission is managed in the system right from filling up the admission form to the announcement of shortlisted candidates for admissions till the payment for admission

Centralized System

Centralized System

Admission of all the branches and departments can be easily managed in a single unified system. Applicants can apply for different branches and courses within the same system

Unlimited applicants and applications

Unlimited Applicants and Applications

There is no limitation on the number of applications that can be submitted. The online admission system allows unlimited applications, users, and Courses/ Programmes

Improved Communication

Improved Communication

Admission systems minimize the lack of communication between applicants and institutes by providing chat-bot or other communication functionalities to help applicants in resolving queries

Seamless admission monitoring system

Seamless Admission Monitoring

The online admission system sends timely updates about the admission process to applicants. Applicants can easily track the progress of the application and check their result

Applicant’s Convenience

Applicant’s Convenience

The online admission system allows applicants to submit their applications at their convenience. All that is required is access to computers and internet connectivity. It offers an advantage for the candidates residing in rural areas or in different geographical regions

Easy payment processing

Easy Payment Processing

Admission in institutes requires the processing of multiple types of payments like form fee, registration fee, enrollment fee, etc. Online admission system streamlines the payment procedure which will be error-free and less time taking



Online admission systems significantly reduce the admission expenditure. It minimizes the need of employing a large number of manpower during admissions, it reduces the usage of paper as every process is handled digitally

Customized Admission Forms

Customized Admission Forms

Admission forms are flexible according to the needs and size of colleges and universities, they can add or remove variables and categories

Effective Marketing tool

Effective Marketing Tool

With the online admission system, colleges and universities send emails and messages to the potential applicants about the new courses, events, and other student’s relevant information

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the online admission system?

    Online admission system computerizes the admission journey by providing institutes the latest automated tools to enroll students and their queries, documentation, assignment of courses, application tracking, and payment processing.

  2. How does online admission system works?

    The online admission system provides a single unified network that is accessible in real-time by every stakeholder. All information about the applicant is stored and preserved in a centralized database. Educational institutes that offer numerous courses can easily handle the admission process as it deploys a single database that can be used by several departments and by multiple users.

  3. What is online application software?

    The online application software can fully revolutionize the admission operations, workflow efficiency, accountability, and thus creates a streamlined workflow.